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Are you a freelancer or creator of any sort that makes online presence for clients?

Maybe you are the person everyone ask for advice regarding online presence and where to host their web application. Or just a really good seller and want to get paid fairly for your efforts.

  • Do you get paid for your creation or work one time only.
  • Do you find it difficult to make a full-time salary despite your hard work and many completed projects.
  • Do you get paid a small commission from the hosting provider where your clients host their web application or nothing at all.
  • Do you run a small hosting environment for you clients an put in a lot of time doing so.

As long as your clients are a happy customer of us we will pay you a recurring percent of the amount your clients pay for the services we provide for them. And you don't have to do anything more to still get paid every month. No more endless chasing of new clients and projects to finish to get paid, you get paid over and over again from the already finished clients and projects. Quickly build up a customer base and get a never ending recurring payment out of them.

Our Mission

To help creators, influencers and those with followers to acquire more recurring income from their business by providing a "fair share model" of payments for their referrals. Be it you are a freelancer, web-agency or a part-time entrepreneur we will provide you with a opportunity to increase you income not only occasional but recurring in perpetuity.

Our Plan

Provide a versatile number of web hosting brands for our clients to choose from to offer their own customers. So depending on the type of customer they acquire on each occasion they can make a good fit regarding expectations of the hosting company such as design, prices and services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a community within our company to help those who want to create and live their own vision.
Always be fair and share the opportunity and profit so we can grow together and become better then yesterday.
Give back to charity and help those who do not have the same opportunity as us in life.

You now have the opportunity to make a perpetual recurring income.

And it can grow and become your most stable and recurring source of income.

  • Get your new customers to host their new project with us.
  • Encourage the customers you are already have to move to us.
  • Or make anyone choose us as the host for their web project.
  • They do not have to be your customer, just make a referral and if they sign up it will be perpetual and recurring.

With every new signup you will increase your forever growing income stream and get one step closer to make it your most stable and biggest source of income. It's up to you to decide how much and how fast you want to get there.

Use the Dashpoint dashboard to manage all of your clients hosting and projects.

From the Dashpoint dashboard you will be able to not only manage you own hosting account but all of you clients too.

You can set up multiple user to your own account and grant different privilege to different coworkers. All to make it easy and delegate different aspect off the management of your clients hosting and projects.

  • Use the easy one click Wordpress installation. And then use “WordPress Toolkit” to manage core aspects of the installations.
  • Create mail accounts just by enter name and password. Then read you mail inside the dashboard or by going straight to the webmail login.
  • Or if you are an advanced user login to cPanel stright from the dasboard and manage a lot more setting for the acounts.
  • Handling own and clients bills, support tickets, uppgrades, purchases and a lot more all just by logging in to one dasbord. Different permission can be granted so what one can do inside different account depends on the privileges granted from the account owner off course.

The recurring payments is all about sharing the profit with those that generate it.

We believe that by sharing not only the profit but our Vision we will grow to be better together. We need YOU to be able to fulfill our Mission to become the best dashboard and hosting choice for creators and their clients.

  • We do not claim to be perfect in any way. But we promise to listen and do everything in our power to get better each day and be the best choice for you.
  • You are the only one that knows what's the best functions and how you want to do things. We promises to listen and trying to implement those wishes.
  • We work for you and we need feedback to be able to grow and be the best choice for you and your clients.

With you! We aim to build the greatest dashboard and become the best hosting choice for all creators out there. It will take time but we are on a mission!

We believe in sharing our success!

Not only with our clients but with those without the same opportunity that we have. We want everyone to flourish and be able to live their vision.

To be able to flourish we first need to have our basic needs fulfilled. We would like to give more people the chance to flourish.

  • The community will be choosing the charity we will participate in by voting.
  • Those in the community can suggest charity of choice that will be voted for.
  • We will follow up every charity project and present the outcome at Dashpoint.

    Understand that this is our vision and we are not there yet but with your help we will be there faster.

Jason Martin

Back Office Developer

Developing for clients and choose the right hosting environment for the finishing product is key for long lasting business relationship. Wy not make a recurring profit from that knowledge and make my clients happy at the same time.

Daiyu Chow


When designing a webpage or parts of a site for someone, I often get asked if I know any good place to host the site. I've been giving a lot of customer to different hosting company's but almost never got paid for it.

Sara Jidesjö

Content Writer

Writing content I mostly got involved in the project later on in the developing part, but even so I have been able to direct a lot of decision makers to host their project in places where I have got a small commission, but never before have I got a recurring payment for my ability to sell others product.

Matt Brandon


I wish this opportunity existed when I was starting out as a freelancer, so many different clients and projects I've just giving a way to others to host and make money from. Now I got my fair share of the profit thanks to Dashpoint.

Johan Larson


I make a living from many different jobs and sources, to have a recurring income from one of them helps a lot when other jobs take longer time to pay off and make a earning.


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